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Africa Business Ventures and Investments Group

ABVIG Incubator

Experience Hassle-free Registration and Boost Your Brand with ABVIG: Your Trusted Partner in Facilitating the Registering of International Companies, NGOs, Multilateral Cooperatives, Oil Companies, Business Loans, and More, in Africa.

Streamline your Growth

Streamline Your Business with Our Expert Approvals, Licensing, and Facilitation Services.

ABVIG: Your reliable partner to navigate the complex African business landscape.

Look no further than our professional team, dedicated to providing swift and effective approvals, licensing, and authorizations to help your business thrive. We offer comprehensive information on the African economy, investment climate, legal and regulatory framework, as well as sector and industry-specific insights to empower informed business decisions.


We provide unparalleled facilitation and follow-up services on behalf of investors across all government ministries, departments, and agencies. With our team's expertise and network, you can gain a competitive edge and fast-track your business growth in African. Have confidence in us to be your trusted partner in business expansion.


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Our experts provides a range of professional services to streamline your company registration, including company name search and reservation, filing of personal and organization forms, and obtaining taxation TIN from the Revenue Authority. We also specialize in filing Forms 3, 4, and Regulations of the company, obtaining incorporation certificate and certificate to commence business. As part of our all-inclusive package, we can also deposit certified true copies of the certificates, articles, and memorandum of incorporation.

With our comprehensive services, you can trust us to handle all the details of your company registration while you focus on building your business. Let us help you turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality today.

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We specialize in registering a variety of organizations, including international companies and NGOs (USA), multilateral cooperatives, oil companies, business names, enterprises, NGOs, churches/mosques, schools, associations, and more. Our services include registration with the Ministry of Interior, obtaining a CAC Certificate of Incorporation, and obtaining certified copies of your organization's memorandum, articles of association, and forms.

Let us handle the registration process, so you can focus on your organization's goals and objectives. Trust our team of professionals to provide efficient and effective services to meet your organization's needs.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya
Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Angel Investing

At ABVIG Partners, we facilitate sourcing competitive loan rates for SMEs through our loan facilitation services. The loan rates are attractive compared to other forms of term financing available, such as mezzanine debt and equity.


For overseas-based borrowers, our loans are generally tied to LIBOR and adjust quarterly or semi-annually. For U.S.-based borrowers, loans are generally tied to and adjust with the U.S. Prime Rate. We also offer fixed interest rate options under most of our programs. 


Trust us to provide reliable and effective loan solutions to help your SME thrive.

A Token of our

Your company's image is crucial in attracting and retaining customers.  When you do business with ABVIG's Incubator, you get that little bit extra with a range of branding solutions to elevate your business's image, including company logo design, letterhead design, and complimentary card design.

Our gift to you for acquiring our services.

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