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John N. Ukpaiama (Enr.)

Special Assistant to the Chairman & CEO

John's professional journey has led him to assume the esteemed role of Special Assistant to the Chairman & CEO at Africa Business Venture and Investment Group (ABVIG). In this pivotal position, he plays a crucial role in ensuring operational efficiency while actively contributing to the mobilization of summit participants and providing valuable support in research and information development.

Drawing from his educational foundation at the prestigious Pennsylvania State University, John graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. His current role as an IT Infrastructure and Cloud Engineer demonstrates his versatility and technical acumen. This unique combination of career history and educational background equips John to seamlessly assist in various aspects of ABVIG's preparations and execution, including the organization of the International Summit and trade missions.

John's dedication to his role is evident in his commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and excellence. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for efficiency, he actively contributes to the success of ABVIG's endeavors. Through his unwavering support and invaluable expertise, John consistently enhances the execution of critical initiatives, ensuring their seamless progression.

John N. Ukpaiama (Enr.)
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