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Updated: Mar 27, 2023

At MeatEx Canada, thanks to our clear vision and well-defined strategies, everything revolves around the most valuable of all foodstuffs: MEAT.

From September 28th – 30th, 2022, MeatEx will highlight the most important ways the meat industry is moving into the future. From high tech processing facilities to the newest packaging trends and food safety to the growing expectations of meat quality, the exhibitors will be showcasing innovative solutions to the demands of the meat-processing industry and the butchers’ trade. For 3 days, MeatEx Canada will celebrate the quality and diversity of the Canadian meat industry and be the foremost innovation platform to bring together all key Canadian and international players from the meat industry, retail and butcher trade in Toronto. From Africa, Africa Business ventures and Investment group (ABVIG), an organization that facilitates and promote trade and investment and export opportunities, in collaborating with Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NECP), and Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoT), Ghana, is facilitating participation of SMEs, Federation of Snail farmer’s association members and other business individual, and you can be part of the delegation to participate in the meat summit and other international business programmes.

Why Canada?

• The Canadian meat industry is among the top 20 in the world • Around $5.1 billion in imports and $6.4 billion in exports (Red Meat-Poultry-Seafood-Deli products) • 85kg of consumption per capita (Red Meat-Poultry-Seafood-Deli products) • Consumer demand for high-quality meat is strong and growing (#EatBetterMeat) • Increase in annual consumption of all kinds of meat (fresh and processed) due to a rising population. • Culturally diverse cuisine and consumption habits • Easy access to the US market • Close to the South American meat producing countries Why Exhibiting • The US and Canada both have among the highest rate of processed meat product consumption in the world. • Canada as the host of MeatEx, is a growing multicultural country with a focus on increasing quality and innovation in the meat, poultry, fish and seafood industry. • Enhance your image and brand recognition in the North American market • A great starting point for new entrants into the market. • Assess how to expand and boost performance in the markets mentioned above. • Exhibitors can use our business matchmaking program to make preset trade appointments. • Communicate directly with buyers. • Stay ahead of your competitors!

COVID-19 important notice: Admission will only be refunded if MeatEx is canceled entirely. In case of a postponement due to COVID-19, the ticket price is not refundable and remaining deposition will roll over to the subsequent edition in 2023.

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