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Hon Moses O.T. Owharo

Chairman of the Board

ABVIG is proud to have as its Chairman of the Board Mr. Moses Owharo, a distinguished business and social entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the fields of Microfinance, Healthcare, and General Business. With certificates from both the prestigious Harvard Business School and George Washington University in the United States, Mr. Owharo brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the organization. In addition, Mr. Owharo is the President and CEO of ASPI, a testament to his exceptional leadership abilities.

Mr. Moses O.T. Owharo

Mr. Owharo's accomplishments extend beyond the business world. He has also made significant contributions in the political arena, having been elected as the Executive President of the All Nigerian Community in Ghana by the Electoral Commission of Ghana. The ANC-GH is the umbrella organization for over four million Nigerians in Ghana, including corporate bodies. Mr. Owharo's reputation as a leader has enabled him to successfully lobby prominent political figures in Nigeria and Ghana, including former Presidents Goodluck Jonathan, Atta Mills, John Mahama, J.J. Rawlings, and J.A. Kufuor, as well as various ministers of state, chief directors of ministries, and corporate leaders of local and international organizations.

Under Mr. Owharo's leadership, the GMG has executed successful projects for various organizations, including the USAID, Ghana Government Health Service, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, and the UN-World Food Program. As the founder of the International Community of Africans in Diaspora (ICAD), Mr. Owharo has continued to promote the welfare and interests of Africans in the Diaspora.

Mr. Owharo is a consultant representing West Africa on steel factory establishment in Africa for Freshvale Limited, Russia. He serves as a Board Member for both the Ghana-Nigeria Economic Group and the Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO), representing various financial investment groups globally. He has also held various leadership positions, including Coordinator-Africa, Diaspora Presidential Support Committee (PSC) 2019, Presidential Liaison Officer for Africa-Diaspora, Aso Rock, Abuja-Nigeria, and member of the AU-ECOSOCC COVID-19 Response Team. ABVIG is honored to have Mr. Moses Owharo as the Chairman of its Board, and we look forward to benefiting from his immense contributions and visionary leadership.

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