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Call for paper presentation (Abstract)

The Africa Infrastructure, Climate Change, and Investment Summit, is seeking presenters with expertise and research concerning the following topics Suggested for plenary sessions. Under the AICIS Technical Planning Sub-committee, the summit is seeking business presentation papers from various sectors’ executives, including government Agencies and private, UN Agencies, World bank, Universities, Environmentalists legislators, Senators, Traditional rulers, NGOs and CSOs, and entrepreneurs. Please submit your Request to Speak, use ABIVG's Global Platform to elevate and distinguish your brand, fill out the form below to Submit your Interest or paper topic in Speaking at AICIS+ Exhibition:

Suggested topics for plenary sessions

1:  Best practices in drought prevention and planning for application in Africa

2: Pan-African policies and legislation focused on forestry, biodiversity, and sustainable wildlife conservation.

3: Suggested applications and policy applications from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

4: Discussion on financing climate change initiatives throughout Africa based on other global successful projects.

5:  Sustainable agricultural practices for application in Africa

6: Financing and Establishing of solid minerals mining and value-added operations.

7:  Best practices for economic and business development including supply chain and trade relationships.

8:  Development and financing of sustainable renewable energy.


Download guidelines template and upload your paper and profile here

Suggested topics for Breakout Workshop Session

The summit will breakout into four (4) Workshop rooms for following interactive dialogue Areas:

  1. The Transportation and Real Estate Infrastructure opportunity in Africa

  2. The Role of African Parliamentarians in Fostering Zero-Carbon Economy and Climate-Resilient Infrastructure"; Our Collective Roles as Stakeholders

  3. Renewable Energy/Power Infrastructure

  4. Oil and Gas Infrastructure

  5. Africa Commodity

  6. Healthcare Infrastructure opportunity in Africa

  7. Technology and AI Infrastructure in Africa

  8. Water for Development: Valuing Water, Water-Energy-Food Nexus

  9. Sustainable Economic and Urban Development;



Download guidelines template and upload your paper and profile here


Please feel free to contact Professor Chris Schrage – Member, Technical & Business Adviser, AICIS+ Exhibition, CGBP, Instructor of Marketing, Global initiatives coordinator, University of Northern Iowa, USA, in charge of Call paper for presentation at The Africa Infrastructure, Climate Change, and Investment Summit.

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Phone: +1 (319) 346-1365

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