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USA-Africa Business Summit (Morocco '22) A Flagship Conference by the Corporate Council on Africa. Theme: "Building Forward Together"

THE EVENT: In this year's summit, we will explore a renewed commitment by both public and private sector stakeholders to building stronger U.S. and Africa trade, investment, and commercial ties as we emerge from unprecedented health and economic challenges.

OBJECTIVE: To enable you to connect with government and private sector decision-makers over the course of four days and to deliver the insights that you need to move your organization forward.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT The Corporate Council on Africa, in partnership with the Kingdom of Morocco, is proud to announce that the 2022 U.S.-Africa Business Summit will be hosted in Marrakech, Morocco.

EVENT DATE: July 19-22, 2022.

EVENT VENUE: Marrakech, Morocco

REGISTRATION: Currently ongoing: Potential attendees from abroad are privileged to request their paid Visa Invitation Letter, which is fully notarized and authenticated by the American Government.

TARGET AUDIENCE: The U.S.-Africa Business Summit is a premier event bringing together African Heads of State, Senior USG and African officials, CEOs and Senior U.S. Executives, and heads of international financing institutions, Managers, Business Societies, Financial Institutions.


➢ Invitation letter

➢ 4-day access ticket

➢ Free 2x meals daily.

➢ Excessive souvenirs by vendors.

➢ Free show guide

➢ Visa Application/Processing Assistance

➢ Free brand ad on all e-screen around the event (on request after registration). Kindly go ahead to complete your registration.

COVID-19 IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must be fully vaccinated to enter the Kingdom of Morocco and attend the summit. You must upload proof of vaccination before you can complete your registration.

CONTACT US: (+234)7032941519/8163791725 Email:

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